Heya. My name is Vanessa, the author behind Crumbs. Thanks for stopping by!
(A little bit of my background which fueled my hobby for cooking/baking and soon blogging – plus the first recipe I ever baked!)

I am a  baptized cradle Orthodox. All the while; I noticed struggle, frustration and even rebellion towards meal planning during fast days and fasting periods. Meal planning has sorely been at a lack of nutrition, diversity in types of meals or has been taken to extremes.

In general, food is largely cultural and is what is first and foremost in bringing friends and family together. But instead of choosing to be humble, we’re often taken great pride and become gluttonous in our meals. 

Our fasts focus on the opposite of that with a focus on simplicity yet it can be difficult to fill in those gaps of getting a sufficient amount of nutrition during a fasting period. In the traditional sense,   fasting for us means eating strict and vegan like with the exclusion of olive oil. Meals are kept simple but following these rules are challenging to fill in the gaps of getting a sufficient amount of nutrition during a fasting period.  

That’s why I created Crumbs. I’ve been pescetarian for three years and have become vegan as of January 2017. I spent a lot of time and exposure to vegan cookbooks, the restaurants and among friends including plant based nutritionists. Crumbs is a recipe blog of my true and true recipes based on my own experiences and fun making them that I hope, yours and your family will enjoy as well. 

At the end of the day, I hope this helps you have a more peaceful and fruitful fast regardless if you’re Orthodox or not and just looking for Lenten meals. And even if you aren’t fasting and have just stumbled upon Crumbs, thank you for stopping and please say hello in the comments below! 

I’m from Pennsylvania where I am also a licensed massage therapist. To learn more about massage therapy and how it may benefit you, please check out my massage education blog at http://themassagegirlblog.wordpress.com 🙂 

All photos and writing are my copyright unless otherwise noted. If you would like to use them or get in touch with me for helpful information, comments or press information, please email me at vanessak27@gmail.com















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