1st Blogging Anniversary 

Congratulations, kid. You’ve made it to one year and Crumbs isn’t so much of a baby blog now…so, does that mean my blog is in the terrible toddler years?! 

I started up a blog with virtually no expectations. Sure, I like to write but haven’t wrote anything awhile and wanted to rekindle that lost talent of mine before I lost my knack for it. Oh…my…gee, if I lost my knack for writing, I’d be heartbroken, you guys. Writing has been my outlet since writing fiction stories in elementary school to more journaling to Nano to escaping from my real major to go to the library to work on the college newspaper when I started college. I appreciate the art of self expression through prose and more importantly, when others take notice of my words. I knew I had a gift but never quite could figure out where I excelled at writing. There was not one previous writing project which seemed to stick with me. 

I also have grown to love cooking. This hasn’t changed since I adopted a plant based lifestyle. YOU may think I’d be turned off by cooking. YOU may have thought I’d be bored by now. No and no. 

The incentive to start Crumbs began when I was looking for ways to become more active in the church by using my talents. I couldn’t sing so choir was out. I can’t assist behind the altar because I’m not a man. I could become trained to read the Epistle on Sundays, but that simply did not feel like enough. 

And then I got it. I could start a blog helping others in the church to find fasting recipes through my wisdom from being plant based. 

First, a few myths debunked:

  • I did not start this blog because I felt the Fast was easy or I’m better than anyone. First off, there’s more to Fast than food. Way more.
  • But why would someone want to eat like I do during Fast let alone full time? The idea isn’t to convert anyone to vegetarianism or veganism but to create an open mind how you’ve got options. We’re called to suffer over Fast, but we’re not called to mindlessly torture ourselves.
  • Fasts are supposed to be kept simple. Yes, that’s the idea but simple dishes don’t have to stop at one or two standard same kind of meals almost every other day. It may lack proper nutrition and may be plain unappealing after awhile. I know for me, if I eat the same meal day in and day out, I get sick of it. That’s how I viewed oatmeal for the longest while until I went vegan and was at a restaurant for brunch where oatmeal was my only option! I ate it and savored it appreciating the different flavors used.
  • I can’t be held responsible if Crumbs makes you explore veganism or vegetarianism….Or can I? Maybe. I’m just an advocate or an ally. Some of you may just be generally interested and I honestly never went back to the way I was before. But before starting a new diet (and sorry, lovely militant vegans, but your sweet lifestyle still classifies as a diet to the healthcare industry), consult with your healthcare practitioner first.
  • There will be no *kale and sauerkraut sandwich recipes. Okay….I’ve heard of some bad ways to go about fasting and also some less than desirable vegan recipes but my intent was and is to post tried and true recipes that were always a favorite of mine or just something delicious. 

* I actually have a very soft spot for kale. And if you like kale and sauerkraut sandwiches, dig in! Your gut will probably thank you too. 

I also love people! It shows more in the written word than it does in person but I honestly hope I’m helping someone. At least one person. But I primarily post for me and still will…because this blog has become my journey of my cooking experiences as a single transitioning to a soon to be married Orthodox wife even as I grow up and I technically shouldn’t consider myself a kid anymore. But I still am in ways. I approached my blog with no expectations but I wasn’t cynical about them. I was excited with glee anticipating to tell my stories and share them with you. My stories, photos and recipes are precious and I hope you’ll sincerely savor each one with the meticulous thought and joy that I put into each post.

From my kitchen, where miles are just a number, to yours,

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