Eggless “egg” sandwiches.

As the Lenten Triodion quickly approaches, many Orthodox Christians begin to prepare for the Lenten season and may even eagerly anticipate Spring. Many Spring memories growing up for me often relate back to Lent because Lent consumed much of Spring. My favorite feeling was that there also felt like an air of positivity and promise that seeped through the air as we’d walk out of an evening service just as the days started getting brighter or peacoats were exchanged for sweaters and scarves on Sunday mornings for Liturgy with the exception of the last few years where I wore most of my sweaters and scarves more than my peacoats during the Winter.

Growing up, it also reminded me of my mom’s famous egg sandwiches during Lent. I know eggs aren’t usually typical during in traditional Orthodox fasting households but my mom was one of those women that had an egg or tuna salad mixture chilling in her refrigerator on Fridays. Wanting to incorporate a similar recipe that was much like hers and compliant to traditional Orthodox households, my eggless salad comes pretty close and even had my own mother digging into seconds or thirds. The addition of fresh or dried Spring dill is the perfect compliment to maintain the mindset of Spring.  

Eggless Salad on Sprouted Grains

1 cup of tofu, diced, cubed and crumbled.

1/4 cup of dill, freshly chopped or dried. 

2 tbsp of Dijon mustard.

2 tbsp of vegan mayo

1 tsp of white wine vinegar (optional.)

Sea salt and pepper 

romaine greens, a few leaves.

farm fresh tomato, 1 slice 

2 halves of sprouted grains bread (Try Ezekiel or Alvarado Street Bakery brand.)


Toast bread halves if you prefer. Combine everything except for greens, tomato and bread into a bowl and mix well. Assemble sandwich starting with greens, tomato and eggless salad mixture. Add in a desired side. 

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