oh, I’m also a runner.

Running is my jam. It’s the one sport I always returned to. My trusty shox, as worn in as they were, were always there and never let me down until I bit the bullet and got new kicks. 

I don’t let go of precious possessions easily..unless I lose them by accident. When I didn’t belong to a gym, I laced up my old kicks and I ran and did Pilates. I often ran when I felt like it..and when I didn’t feel like it. Funny enough, I always ran my best when I didn’t feel like it.

And there were a lot of days I didn’t feel like it and skipped workouts. Running takes practice otherwise I’d probably would have never been able to run two or three miles comfortably or without stopping or walking. Or run 5ks. I highly recommend the Couch to 5k program which trains you in walk/run intervals and is slightly easier on the joints.

That’s another thing. Running is a highly addictive but highly risky activity. It’s hard on the joints, on digestion which means you need to fuel yourself properly and practice self care. I found myself getting into cycling and hot yoga in between my runs, two things I didn’t think I was strong enough to do as I was always a tiny girl.

Once you form discipline in your practice, you become stronger and will perform better. Mark my words. A serious playlist and love for nourishing yourself with good food helps as well.

This year, I was in my prime for running. Every time I got out there, I was just ON and the playlist enhanced the feeling. Soon, I was blazing past my usual sweet mileage of three miles and graduated to running up to 5 miles in a day comfortably. It’s like, who was this girl? It’s like I morphed into another person overnight and began to sound like one of my favorite running bloggers (Does anyone know if Christine of These Happy Miles will return to running again?!) that I liked to read…but I know it didn’t all happen overnight.

I started running since 2007. I didn’t consider myself a runner because of my flip flopping with the sport. How can I feel confident about considering myself a runner when I don’t feel like one and wasn’t disciplined back then? I had a race or a few races on my calendar every year but they were mostly 5ks. Sure, I wanted to sub under 30:00 minutes but I mostly ran at my happy pace for every race not caring about clinching the win, the runners bling or time even though it would all feel nice…I was just glad to be there in the action, alive, happy, feeling good and to add another bib to my collection. 

I thought about challenging myself. Let’s be real. Most runners my age don’t live in comfort zones even though I personally didn’t care but I felt curious especially as I gained a comfort with increasing my mileage. Slowly. Suddenly, it was like I could set my distance on RunKeeper but even after completing I, I still want to keep going. Even after my jam comes on. Got to run one more mile for my favorite jam. 

Or maybe it’s that I try to have one kale smoothie almost every day. Who knows? 

2016 is almost over and I realize I didn’t have a set race in mind this year – except for one. Run for the Diamonds. The Diamonds is the annual Thanksgiving morning race tradition that has been occurred since the 1900’s up until the present for the Berwick community. But the Diamonds doesn’t just attract the community but runners from all over the area and some serious runners. It’s a serious run and one of the most serious runs in th area that is a 9m combo of flat and hilly stretch that behaves like a mini marathon. The National Anthem is sung before the race. The Orthodox Gentleman has family member that runs it. The race has an amazing cheer section throughout the 9m stretch. The scenic countryside. Cheap entry fee. There’s an expo with a pasta dinner the night before. The race has its own Wikipedia page. Most runners get a smart looking performance race shirt.  And there’s this hill that scales a little higher than 1000ft for about a mile that will surely have me book a massage for my sore calves in the next week.

Plus, the community is great as a whole: benevolent, jubilant and generous. 

So, it’s on my schedule for this Thursday unless under two conditions: inclement weather or illness. I won’t run in neither conditions which is why I’m really hoping this pans out. 


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