tofu scramble

I still have a hard time convincing nonvegans that this isn’t made with chicken eggs. Not a touch of dairy. No chickens were harmed in the making of this recipe. When I first saw this recipe from Jamie K. of the YouTube Save the Kales series and fellow Pennsylvania girl, the process seemed like magic. It turns out the “magic” is really a few hearty shakes of turmeric…which is a magical ingredient but that’s a whole other post. 

Did I mention how easy and fast this is to make for breakfast? Chop, chop here, sizzle there, ready to gobble in ten minutes! 

Tofu Kale Scramble 

$5 per person 

1 package of firm organic tofu 

1 cup of organic kale  

2 organic carrots, chopped 

garlic, a clove 

turmeric, a few hearty shakes 

Sea salt and pepper, a pinch of each 

Melt vegan butter in pan on medium heat and add in chopped carrots and garlic. Saute for two minutes. Remove tofu from packaging and add to pan in crumbles. Add your spices and the kale. Cook for five minutes stirring well. 


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