kale chia seed smoothie 

The Lord has been working for me within these past few weeks. I know it. I feel it. And I trust Him. Trusting God isn’t always the easiest. I mean, if we struggle with trusting others or ourselves, how are we supposed to be called to trust who we have never met before? Belief. It’s not magic, it’s power and most of the time we’re not in control. 

Can you also remember those times when you felt very excited or overjoyed by the abundance of the Lord’s blessings? I don’t want to be told to calm down but instead come to God in prayer, gratitude and almsgiving for working through me. That’s why I owe it to God to look after myself to the best of my abilities. I am depended on at work as a licensed massage therapist which is physically taxing but rewarding so it’s super important for me to keep my muscles strong and pliable. I am careful about what I eat, I drink a lot of water, I go to hot yoga and I belong to a gym where I have access to a wide range of weights and plates – no pun intended. 

It seems second nature for any active lifestyle even if you’re not sure what to believe anymore. As we transition into the cooler months now, we begin to crave comfort foods. Allow Crumbs and my recipe archives to help you and your family adopt healthier methods for loving and find comfort in meals prepped slowly and from our harvest. 

I hope all of my readers have an enlightened and productive November.
Kale Chia Seed Smoothie

1 cup organic kale (kale is a dirty dozen produce item so it’s good to find organic kale when you can. If you can’t, definitely rinse it off with a veggie wash before you make your own. The recipe for mine is below.)

2 tsps of fresh, organic mint 

1 tsp of chia seeds 

1/2 cup cashew milk (I like cashew milk because it has a creamier texture for smoothies.)

1 banana 

honey or maple syrup, for sweetener and optional 

Blend together on high for about a few minutes or until smooth
Homemade Veggie Wash 

We all thought rinsing our vegetables with water got the job done but as many of conventional and un organic produce gets sprayed with pesticides, this isn’t good for us so a vegetable wash is necessary. It only takes a few minutes to make.

Spray bottle

1 cup of white vinegar 

1/2 of lemon juice 

fresh water 

Combine mixture and fill spray bottle. That’s it. When you use, spray produce thoroughly and allow to sit for a minute or two before you rinse with plain ol’ water. 


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