$5 Black Bean Stew. 

“Know your worth.”

For the longest while, I always thought self-esteem was inherited to our own success in life. Boy, was I wrong. What I was only referring to was secular self esteem which depends on who we are and what we do, a dangerous path that where we take solace in our own pride. 

This isn’t to say that we should not think much about self esteem as Christians. We should. Christian self-esteem depends on all that we do in Christ. We cannot become better at our jobs, raising our children, or have better voices in choir or better Sunday School teachers or even better cooks and bakers without prayer or our trust in God. 

I have a variety of cookbooks but I never can find a favorite because they all seem to carry the same problem as the other one: too complex recipes, too much time and often unaffordable for one meal. I mean, I was sometimes spending $40 on one meal for one or two people alone. How is that practical? It is no wonder how I often can make the same meal a few times before I improvise and think realistically.

And sometimes, I can think very realistically. Promise. 

By now, it is a common conundrum for healthy to be expensive but healthy can also be very affordable pertaining to your budget. Realistically, my budget can afford me $10-15 meals for one or two. When I am pinching pennies, I even try $5 meals occasionally. And not a package of ramen is used. Check out my black bean stew which is vegan, oil free and even stretches into leftovers for the next few days. This stew is comforting on it’s own or marries well with a slice of crusty ciabatta bread. Try it for supper this week.

I forsee budget friendly and healthy meals becoming the new thing around Crumbs! 

Black Bean Stew over Basmati Rice (Vegan, Soy-Free, Olive Oil-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free)

$5 and under 

1 cup of dried black beans, soaked for 8 hours 

3 stalks of Celery, chopped

1/2 cup of ginger 

1/2 half of green pepper, sliced 

2 scallions, chopped 

Curry powder, 1 tablespoon

Paprika, 1 teaspoon 

sea salt and black pepper

For rice (Leave out coconut oil for a complete oil free dish) 

1 cup of basmati rice 

3 teaspoons of organic coconut oil 

2 teaspoons of fennel 

Soak the beans for eight hours. Rinse and put into a pot of water to boil. Cook for 40 minutes. Wash and chop up the vegetables before adding them to the pot with the spices. Stir every 15 minutes then cover with lid. When stew becomes thick, serve over basmati rice. 

For rice, boil rice in pot of water. When water evaporates down, stir in a few teaspoons of coconut oil and dried fennel. 


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