smoothie bowls

Every year, there’s a unique new breakfast trend or a twist on a classic favorite. Remember overnight oats? Or green juicing? Before you ponder what happened or if people are still putting oatmeal in the microwave or taking filtered family shots of communal green juicing on Instagram, they certainly are. I admit I don’t keep up with the trends nor have I ever been any good at it but not all trends are bad. A trend is just what is popular and judging by what people have been enjoying for breakfast lately, the spike in reaching out for healthier options in the morning (or let alone considering breakfast) is a good thing that they are being considerate of their health.

I mean, remember when we said they were too busy to eat breakfast in the morning? I was one of those people. Remember when we thought a drive thru was sufficient?  Remember when McDonald’s breakfasts used to be amazing that we wish we could get those Egg McMuffins served all day? I was also one of those people. Since the advent of McDonald’s recently announcing they are now actually serving breakfast all day, I haven’t once had a desire to go up for my once loved Egg McMuffin sandwiches.

Is it because you lose taste after awhile once you change your diet? Or is it just another trend we grew out out of? We’ve come a long way, baby.

Smoothie bowls seem like the one thing we don’t have time for in the morning but if it isn’t a natural energy booster we need, it’s something pretty to whip up when we have to wake up early enough to start our days. Rest assured that not all smoothie bowls need to be fancy or look alike. They are perfectly delicious vegan as they are non vegan. And you don’t have to search for those exotic berries that are handcrafted by European virgins and only sold at Whole Foods that will make your bowl like, really pretty. Health isn’t a competition with anyone else. The only competition is with yourself.

Smoothie Bowl (Vegan)

1 cup berries (If out of season and/or conserving budget, use frozen berries.) 

1/2 medium banana, frozen 

1/2 cup of cashew milk 

1/2 cup vegan yogurt 

Ice, for thickening 

Toppings, of choice (I used homemade granola, flax and banana. Generally, you want your decorations to match the taste palette of the ingredients you’re using in your smoothie.)

Mix ingredients up in a high speed blender or Ninja/Vitamix. You may have to pause the mechanical mixing process occasionally to stir the ingredients by hand. Make sure everything is incorporated properly. Pour into a bowl or glass. Top with decorations carefully lining up your choices parallel to one another or anyway you fancy. 


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