Restaurant Review: Mi Lah Vegetarian.

For those of you in the Philadelphia area, there’s a variety of plant based options for lunch and dinner ranging from casual to upscale. Philadelphia is a great culinary city: meals and experiences travel with us throughout our growth.  One of them can be found at Mi Lah Vegetarian. Mi Lah used to be the go-to for vegetarian and vegan cuisine in Center City before they recently moved to the suburbs of Blue Bell. Just like a college student who moved to the city for school has grew up and moved to the suburbs to settle with their family, one could even say the same thing about Mi Lah with plans for expansion. 

Before you say anything, I know what you’re thinking. Vegetarian and vegan cafes? But they are usually boring with a few sandwiches and wraps on the menu with some cutesy ambiance.

But vegetarian and vegan has grown and come a long way too. 

Sure, the ambiance is still cutesy. Practically relaxing and tranquil…makes me want to get a massage! 

Mi Lah is predominately fusion. Fusion in the restaurant world is just a fancy word for blended cuisine or what you get when you combine a few different types of diverse cuisines. The speciality here is vegan with Asian influences. Asian takeaway favorites like pad Thai are found here only vegan and fasting friendly. It takes sincere practice to perfect a type of dish and the staff here masters it. After all, how many Orthodox do you know reach out for Asian takeaway during a fasting period? They live on it to unhealthy proportions.

But at least at a place like Mi Lah, you and your cholesterol can feel less guilt on return trips.

I’m packing up and moving to Blue Bell. The butternut squash and apple soup is worth it alone. Doesn’t it make you feel a little better about those upcoming chilly Fall days?

Butternut squash and apple soup. 

The texture was like tasting velvet! (Is that…vegan to admit? Probably not. But the texture was smooth, baby.) 

Baked phyllo wraps with mushroom and vegetables over kale, mashed topotoes and a cashew-almond sauce. 

Potato custard 

NY Style Cheesecake
Oh yes, vegetarian and vegan cuisine has definitely grown up over the years. 
Mi Lah Vegetarian 

40 Skippack Pike 

Blue Bell, PA 19002



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