fruit infused detox water. 

I realized I haven’t put up an entry in here since July 13th. I missed blogging. Writing is my outlet. It helps me fine tune a hobby and keep in touch with other Christians across state lines and borders with delicious recipes. But it’s just been so humid. Here in the northeast, we had more than ten straight days of ninety degree temperatures which can make things pretty uncomfortable for us after awhile especially our elder generation. 

I know, I’ve done a terrible job  as I have been slacking on the warm weather treats but most of these days have consisted of leftovers and then we had a death in the family to the annual FOCA picnic at Knoebels Grove in Elysburg, PA.

FOCA, or Fellowship of Orthodox Christians, is an outreach group of our faith who’s primary mission is focusing on missionary efforts within and around our church community and organizing events for the youth. Right now, the annual convention is being held in Chicago but earlier this month the Central PA division held a summer picnic at Knoebels Grove. Nearly sixty of us showed up to partake in hamburgers, hot dogs, conversation, ice cream, roller coaster screams and fun. 

Knoebels is an old fashioned family fun park with most of their rides completely reconstructed after classic amusement rides of our glory days. They have a Whipper, a Grand Carousel where you can catch rings, Bumper Cars, a children’s theatre playhouse and legendary wooden roller coasters like the Phoenix among many others. I grew up and work nearby being taken by various generations of my family, many of them passed on. I can still see and feel their spirits in a warm, sunny Knoebels day or in the spirits of a bombastic performance from Jollie Joe and the Bavarians playing that night at the nearby amphitheater. 

Most of July has consisted of a swelling heat index for the northeast and drinking enough of water is essential as it feels banal. I prefer to add a little natural flavoring of mine by adding fresh summer fruit from the farm or our roadside stands to my water bottle in the mornings or a jar. The best part is that your combination will change based on what’s in season where you are and taste preferable. Fruit is very water soluble and speeds up the hydration process containing rich amounts of Vitamin C. My favorite is adding strawberries, lime and a dash of cinnamon. Mix it up real good and it will feel like you’re not even drinking plain water. It’s the perfect way to stay hydrated and refreshed after a workout or a summer day. 

Fruit Infused Detox Water 

1 cup of sliced strawberries 

1/4 cup of fresh lime juice 

cinnamon, dash 

Put in water bottle. Add water. Mix it up. You’re fly! 


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