classic summer potato salad.



I see you there creating virtual inspiration boards and swiping through pictures on Pinterest looking for new tablescape and recipe inspiration for your next holiday gathering. And I also see you rushing around frantically come said holiday gathering having no idea what to do or settling for buying premade cartons of potato salad at the grocery store?  It works in a pinch, right? I suppose.

After all, who wants to waste time reading your aunt’s loopy script (of course, in cursive – never was a phenomenon) for potato salad on that yellowed index card?

What if you don’t even have any family recipes for potato salad?  But your work is hosting a potluck picnic? Or your church is having a potluck picnic?

Well prepared, good food helps create that first impression – and homemade food makes all the difference. As summer dawns on us, let’s start with this simple and affordable classic potato salad recipe which will give your guests a taste of everything they love and enjoy about a good potato salad recipe. Good mayo! Mustard! Spice! Salt! (Don’t be afraid…) And pickles! It takes just ten minutes to whip up and it will be already ready when you make it which for you, busy mothers or for the rest of us women, will usually be on the day of anyway. If you need a few days, I prefer to keep this salad refrigerated after mixing it until you’re ready to serve.

And don’t worry, Orthodox brothers and sisters, I know getting through those two vegan fasting periods in summer are hard which is why I am working on a vegan potato salad recipe just for us which will be posted in the coming weeks.

Classic Potato Salad

Duration: 10 minutes

Serves: 4-8 (double the recipe for more)


4 large potatoes (doesn’t have to be russets. Any white potato will do.)

5 scallions, minced to the dark green halves (chop off white edgy bits, toss the dark green halves, sweet spot is in between.)

5 dill pickles, sliced thin

mustard, 1 and a 1/2 cup

Dijon mustard, 1 teaspoon

Hellman’s mayo, 1 cup

pink sea salt, a generous helping

black pepper

paprika, 1 teaspoon

dill seasoning, 1 teaspoon

parsley, 1 teaspoon


  1. Wash and prep the potato skins. Put the potatoes in the pot and boil them.
  2. Mince the scallions and chop up the pickles.  Get a large mixing bowl or two ready, you only need two if you prefer to do your mixing in a separate bowl before you slide everything into the other presentation bowl and don’t want guests to see your mess. If your guests just don’t care, using one bowl is fine.
  3. Once the potatoes boil, drain them into a colander running water in that sink to protect your pipes as you do. Put the potatoes in your mixing bowl. Add the scallions, pickles, mustards, mayo, spices, parsley, salt and pepper. Stir using a wooden spoon for a few rounds, turning the bowl with your hand gently as you stir, to make sure everything is well incorporated. Serve immediately or keep refrigerated.



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