Friday Five

Here’s a weekly roundup of links I discovered ’round the net that I liked and am passing on for you to check out to refresh and recharge  for the weekend. They simply could have not said it better or may jumpstart you on a new idea:

  1. Beet leaves, fennel fronds, onion skins, garlic skins and vegetable peelings make me feel guilty because I usually ended up tossing it wondering if there was ANY possible use for food scraps because I don’t like to waste anything. There are multiple ideas for how to work with food scraps like making your own vegetable stock, pestos, pickling and more. Check out this link for ideas.
  2. Strawberries will be in season soon and they can be preserved longer. It only takes three minutes and one very simple pantry ingredient.
  3. While brunch reservations filling up fast for Mother’s Day weekend, there’s still a lot of many ways to show appreciation for mom and grandma. Check out this darling tea party at home.
  4. The general store returns to Eastern Pennsylvania aiming to reconnect with it’s community.
  5. Anxious and depressed a little more than usual? The culprit could possibly be your diet.


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