Why I prefer using organic ingredients.

I know it hasn’t been long since I started blogging but I do believe a few posts is enough to give a first impression. Upon starting to read the recipes in my blog, you may have noticed I like to use or tend to use a lot of organic or farm fresh ingredients in my cooking. The terms “organic”, “local” and farm fresh are very important to me and can’t be used interchangeably as they all mean something different that I will explain shortly.

I know these terms are tossed around rather frequently in the blogging world. They are often mistaken for trends which can make those who can’t or don’t buy organic food because it is inaccessible to them though they want to feel bad. I don’t buy organic because I think I’m better or know better. If it were up to me, I would buy just food in it’s wholesome, nonjudgmental, unlabeled state.

Well, whaaaa? Are you talking about here, Vanessa? Like most of you, I am very conscious about what I put in my body and what I feed other people. As I grow older, I am finding my palate for sweets is diminishing and I prefer to eat for nourishment or energy. Food is simply fuel but a lot of what is available for sale advertised as fuel can be the exact opposite – even if it’s cheap. And before the days of GMOs (or genetically modified food) and pesticides, we didn’t have to be careful about reading labels or worry about food allergies.

You sometimes can’t help food allergies and new dietary preferences but I would love to go back to those days where real food didn’t need to jump through the rings of fire of USDA approval for organic certification. For now, that seems like a pipe dream though I also firmly believe we are the living change and best examples to set behind for future generations.

My food philosophy and that I want to portray on this humble blog is that I like to share Lenten recipes using real, hearty ingredients from the land and nearby farms. By supporting local farms, I care about where my food comes from and want to learn more about local agriculture so I can show my future children about where their food comes from and the importance of choosing real food that will give them energy instead of food that will make them sick.And it tastes way better too.  It may be more expensive but would you rather pay for your healthcare or your sick care?  Healthy nutrition is healthcare, illness is sick care. Choose wisely.




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